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From training to facilitation, strategic thinking is our strength and that’s what we do. We help individuals and organizations align their knowledge and values, and most importantly enable their success by helping them readjust their perceptions to match reality.

What4 and FrameStretching©

These interaction sessions reorient perception helping participants gain insights to improve project, process and planning competency.

No one likes to get blindsided. Our daily routines often stop us from seeing or hearing oncoming threats. A simple reminder to stop and check your awareness level of the present circumstances and situation, a reality check goes far in mitigating risks.

We believe the best defense is great offense. Our efforts improve how people process what they hear and more capably respond to information and create impact. That’s our motto– forward, faster and more effectively.

What4 and FrameStretching©  activities will put your perceptions on their toes and face challenging situations. We push past everyday thinking, and help you apply insights gained in practicing extra sensory awareness by replacing what you think, with detail that minimizes doubts and qualifies your confidence.

Missing the obvious?  Being  human, our history and cultural norms predefine the meaning of color, texture, sounds, aromas and tastes we meet at every turn. These associations save time and energy everyday, but limit our imaginations when situations change,  and denying us flexibility and access to new opportunity.

Contact Us to help your team:

1. Clarify perceptions of What is,
2. Expand visions of What if,
3. Color realizations of What wows, and
4. Achieve awesome, viable results–What works.

We believe what we see. The more recognizable a situation the more unlikely we are to notice what’s different.  Complex problems persist when we let our beliefs stop us from seeing what’s in plain sight. Our vision convinces us, confirms what we already know and unconsciously we reject opposing evidence when present.  Bias, the byproduct of  the brain’s efficiency, “fills-in” the blanks with expected associations.  Conscious processing only uses 1% of our brain, which means we rarely process all available information.  Our automatic responses and reflexes draw upon prior experience.  Any contradictions to  perception  work in much the same way that cultural norms make us turn a blind eye to behaviors and stifle our objections.  NET NET?  We hold back our potential for greater performance.

A great story?  An occasion or challenge that when faced and overcome inspires some of the greatest stories ever told, whether real or imagined.  FrameStretching© flips this idea around and into the source of advantage. The process taps into our memory of a common culture story to activate the natural story process in the brain.  This device enables us to  recreate a richer sensory experience and rapidly gets diverse perspectives communicating.  Great storytelling is not merely a boastful exercise, but one proven to re-awaken attention to detail and ignite our sense of the possible. An established story offers an alternative to our personal experiences and  adds color to our truths. The process delays the automatic, preset path that fills in the blanks, causing us to stretch in the process. The lens through which we now look at the problem widens   to include more of the information available.

FrameStretching©, a  group exercise, frees participants to stretch their prior experience to cross cultural gaps, negotiate common meaning and settle on useful metaphors while reconstructing a well-known fable, its characters, challenges  and actions. Equipped with clear contextual associations and shared language, participants openly apply their collective lens to search and explore their own problem sets. The new, shared frame turns participants  into discovery mode , willing to learn and listen and thus broaden individual participants’ perspectives. With open perceptions, suddenly their capability  to process more completely elements the unconscious lens of culture and experience often filter out.

Because behavior change requires repetition and practice, participants stay in their play frame and tackle a real strategic issue, quickly working through What4, the four stage design thinking process. Four What questions (IS, IF, WOWS and WORKS) uncovers new opportunities, principle criteria and action plans.

to find new opportunities, principle criteria and action plans.

Gain insights for project, process competency

The What4 approach offers several benefits. Workshop* participants

  • Share language, metaphors to describe their tasks and tell their own stories.
  • Improve communications within and across their  team
  • Increase planning, process improvement task effectiveness and efficiency
  • Lay the foundation for resiliency in their organization
  • Map their organization’s knowledge boundaries  and develop growth mindsets
  • Understand the context of your project or problem and rapidly create plans for improvement

  Contact us via email, we will reply as quickly as possible.

**Note workshops can be customized to meet your needs. Begin as half day and can run longer depending on the needs and frame of reference needed.


September 2012, a mini experience of FrameStretching© presented to the Chicago Booth Alumni Consulting Roundtable.  Check out the MP3 and hear Rachel in action, or read the blog post follow-up.

In June 2014, a condensed introduction to FrameStretching© and What4 was enthusiastically received at the Creative Problem Solving Institute, CPSI,  sponsored by the Creative Education Foundation.

February 2012,  we published an article entitled Culture is King in the Journal of Product Innovation and Management  (JPIM), use the link to the right.

In October 2011, the FrameStretching© workshop was initially tested, to great acclaim, at the Design Research Conference at the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology.


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